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Welcome to our team PTG Together (PTG World)

We are Thai Team in Europe . We are here to serve the international marked with Natural Health and Care products. Build your business with AgeLOC technology, Would you life to have money and time? Learn to change your life today.. to be.. Independent with PTG Together (PTG World)

Just imagine the possibilities of having access to products like the Facial Spa and Nu Skin’s revolutionary new anti-aging discovery: ageLOC.  Imagine how huge the market for these products can be.  And now, imagine the opportunity this represents for you.

  • The convergence of trends, combined with our unique and proprietary business opportunity and the discovery of ageLOC, presents a new and unparalleled financial opportunity
  • People want to LIVE YOUNG
  • ageLOC science targets the ULTIMATE SOURCES of aging
  • 30 years of experience in developing ground-breaking products
  • Our global distribution capability and sales compensation plan
  • By positioning your Nu Skin business in front of worldwide aging trends it can be as big and successful as you want it to be. It all depends on you. Below are just a few reasons why:PEOPLE WANT TO CONTROL HOW THEY AGE
    • In a global study by AC Nielsen over 60% of women confirmed that 60s is the new middle age


    • The prospect of longer life spans is not only raising concerns about the quality of life, but also increased anxiety about financial resources and the prospect of loneliness – all of which Direct Selling are in a position to assist with


    • The aging population means that there is a growing market of people desiring anti-aging products and able to pay the premium prices they command
    • Global cosmetics and toiletries market is currently worth $333 billion (USD)
    • Global nutritional products category was estimated at $240 billion (USD)
    • Aging is the dominant demographic trend across North America, Europe and much of Asia
    • Society is aging on a global scale, influenced by increased life expectancies, declining birth rates and better standards of healthcare. By 2012, approximately 26% (80.6 million) of the US population will be aged 55 and over, up from 24% in 2007